The Best Kitchen Projects to Finish Before Winter Ends

With just a few months of the Winter season remaining, many of us are already thinking about all of the tasks we would like to get done during Spring cleaning.  Although, there are still many tasks that can be accomplished in the meantime!  The following will delve into a few of the best kitchen projects to finish before Winter ends.

1.  Lighting

While it may get dark outside earlier during the Winter, this doesn’t mean the inside of your home should be made to match.  In fact, to ensure a healthy sleep pattern and to encourage better mental health, the type of indoor lighting used is important.  As one of the busiest rooms in any home, the kitchen should be one of the first rooms to have lighting checked.

When was the last time you changed the lightbulbs in your home?  Now is the time to check the lightbulbs throughout your home and change them if need be.  There are some reports that say the type of lightbulb you use is important when it comes to overall health.  For example, some lightbulbs may aid our natural circadian rhythm.

If you want to go one step further, you can also look into light therapy lamps.  Some of these lamps are even made with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in mind.  However, there are conflicting reports about whether or not these lamps have any positive biophysical effects.  At the very least, it may be something you want to mention during your next doctor’s appointment to hear a professional’s opinion on the matter.

2. Try A New Window Treatment 

In many cases, the main kitchen window is located above the kitchen sink.  For being such an integral part of the kitchen, it is often neglected during renovations.  Now that we know how important proper lighting is, we may be more eager to finish any pending window treatment project.

Window treatments are important for more reasons than simply wanting more sunlight in the room.  It can also aid your kitchen in attracting and retaining more heat throughout the colder months.  Keep the shades open throughout the day, and close them at night to make the most of heat retention.

3. Add An Island

Kitchen islands are not only visually appealing, but they are also a sensible addition in terms of counter space and storage.  Unfortunately, adding a kitchen island may not be possible for everyone.  This will depend on the budget and the size and layout of the kitchen in question.

With this being said, it is the perfect project to complete during the winter.  By using the “off-season” to do the installation, all of the work will be done in time for it to be a functional part of the kitchen for spring and summer gatherings.  Place a few chairs or stools around the island and this opens up the possibility of hosting even more people.  You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood for being the best party host with the most appealing kitchen.

4. Update Countertops

Upon entering a kitchen, people usually do a quick scan and notice a few important items.  This includes the appliances, the walls, the flooring, and the countertops.  While each of these components is important, the countertops are usually the most noticeable.

Outdated countertops are even more detectable.  If your home was built in the 80s or 90s, and you have yet to renovate your kitchen, it is safe to say that the countertops are in need of an update.  If the main concern is affordability, there are several options to fit both your home and financial needs.

For example, ceramic and porcelain come in a variety of colors and patterns while also being some of the most affordable counter options.  Or, perhaps you wish to have quartzite countertops but they don’t fit your budget.  In this case, quartz countertops are a bit easier on your wallet while being extremely similar in style.

Home design and the materials used to achieve a certain aesthetic have come a long way over the years.  It’s worth looking at every option rather than automatically assuming the desired material is out of your price range.  This is when speaking to a professional is recommended.  They may be able to offer options you wouldn’t have thought were possible.

Honorary Mention: New Battery Installations

It’s important to ensure your home is as safe as possible.  This means it may be time to check your smoke detectors, along with any carbon monoxide detectors.  These detectors should be checked at least once a year to be safe.  While this isn’t solely a kitchen project, nor one that should only be done before Winter’s end, it wouldn’t feel right to leave it off of this list as it is incredibly important.

In order to stay on top of when such checks should be done, you can either write down a list of home safety “checks” to do on your monthly calendar, or, you can set a reminder on your phone or computer.  Once they are a part of your regular routine, checking them will be habitual.

Have you started a list of home tasks to complete before the winter is over?  

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