We’ve all experienced it; we open our favorite social media app and instantly see the picture-perfect kitchens of our dreams. Then, we walk into the kitchen we have and we can’t help but feel a bit disappointed.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  Let’s use these inspiring posts to create an oasis in our homes.  The following are the most popular kitchen countertops on social media (and how you can have them too).

Add a Pop of Color

For some, adding abundant color to any room can be overwhelming.  We’re here to remind you that while we love vibrant colors as much as the next person, there doesn’t need to be an overwhelming amount of color to be stylish.  Some other options include:

Gold Accents and Finishes

Using a countertop that has the appearance of gold incorporated may be enough to suit your style and stay on-trend.  A beautiful bedrock or colonial gold, perhaps.  Or, anything that has gold flecks or veins can also do the trick.


Granite Prestige Colonial Gold

However, if this is not the case, warm hues can also be used in smaller formats.  For example, the hardware for the cupboards and drawers.  Or, the final touches you incorporate into your home, such as a small golden vase.  This offers an opportunity to be creative and to come up with something unique to your home.

Warm Tones

In any home, the kitchen is often one of the most important rooms.  It’s a place to reconnect with family and should look and feel warm and welcoming.  In other words, entirely white kitchens are currently out of style.

Calacatta Leon Gold

To match the desired ambiance, it’s generally best to choose warm tones for your kitchen countertops.  For example, countertops with an undertone of red, gold, orange, or golden yellow will add a certain level of vibrancy.

Costa Esmeralda

Rich greens (even more subtle additions) like the ones featured above in Costa Esmeralda and deep blues are also among the more popular colors of 2024, as bolder options are claiming the spotlight.  Simply keep in mind that they aren’t always the brightest colour options depending on the selected shade.  To test different shades and styles, use our kitchen visualizer to help plan what will work in your space!  You may even come across an option you hadn’t considered before.

Contrasting Colors or Shades

An example of contrasting colors or shades would be to use a different color for the countertops than the one used for the body of the cupboards, the walls, or the island (if applicable).  This also applies to the use of contrasting veining and the designs of the countertop itself.  We can see an example of this in the contrast of the black and white below in Belvedere


Regardless of the order in which you are designing the kitchen, be sure to keep the final result in mind when opting for contrasting colors.  Will they result in complimenting each other or will they look a tad too “busy” or out of place?  Is there a flow throughout the room or will the selected colors break up the room in all the wrong spots?  If this is not quite your forte, requesting help from a professional is more than encouraged.

Mixed Materials

A trend that is beginning to be all the rage is to use a combination of materials that are inspired by nature. Everywhere you turn, you see kitchens that feature an island made with durable wood for the body and a strong, eye-catching stone for the countertop.  Pairing the wood and stone makes the space more interesting while encouraging a more balanced environment.  We can see why the most popular kitchen countertops on social media are now majoritively using mixed materials.

Photo Credit

Marble and granite are still as popular as ever in terms of countertop materials.  (For good reasons, too!)  However, 2024 is the year for using quartz. As an engineered stone, it is available in a wide range of designs that mimic the appearance of marble and granite.  It is a great stain-resistant option which makes it the perfect stone to be used in kitchens.

There are several different mixed material combinations available when creating this style of kitchen.  We recommend speaking to a professional to guide you through all of the possibilities as catered to your unique home and style.  This way, the process will be significantly simplified thanks to their valuable input.

The Most Popular Countertops on Social Media Can Be Yours!

As demonstrated, there are many trendy options for your next kitchen upgrade.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about how Granite Prestige can help, contact us today at (514) 331-8337.





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