It happens every year- between May and September, the months seem to fly by and  Summer will be over before we know it!  One of the ways in which we can make the most of this season is to enjoy every moment we can with loved ones. The following will discuss how to make this summer memorable with stone countertops.  Trust us; from pool parties to BBQs, having beautiful and practical stone countertops from Granite Prestige will make all the difference.


There are many benefits to choosing granite countertops and slabs while upgrading any kitchen area.  This includes its durability, and its resistance to scratches, chips, stains, odors and moisture.

Additionally, if it is to be used outdoors, it won’t fade in the sun.  This makes it one of the better natural stone options for outdoor use.  Although, it is advised to choose a mid-range color due to darker stones absorbing heat.


Dolomite (dolomite rock or dolostone) is a great option if you want to have the aesthetic of marble.  While it looks similar, it is harder and more scratch-resistant, which makes it suitable for outdoor use.  It is also heat resistant, wear resistant, and pressure resistant.

If you’re concerned about placing hot pots and/or pans on your countertops, dolomite can ease your mind.  No marks will be left by anything hot being placed on such a surface.  Additionally, styling the outdoor space will be made easy with the wide range of color options.  Dolomite is available in brown, black, green, colorless, gray, pink, and white.


Oftentimes, people think that Quartzite and Dolomite are one in the same.  In reality, quartzite is more robust and dense.  The price of quartzite increases depending on the type of stone and the design.  Even so, it is still the more reasonably priced option for those who desire to have the look of marble at a lower cost.

One of the greater benefits of quartzite is that it is fade resistant.  No amount of time in the hot, summer sun will be cause for worry!  It would be wise to mind the use of sharp utensils and/or BBQ tools


Porcelain is man-made with non-porous ceramic clay and mineral, making it stain-resistant and durable.  While it would not typically come to mind for countertops, it does have a few advantages.  For example, it is manufactured in extremely high temperature conditions.  Furthermore, it can withstand below freezing temperatures, which makes it perfect for locations with such climates.  These characteristics are what make it one of the more practical and long-lasting options for outdoor use.

It should be kept in mind that it is usually made in thinner slabs in comparison to other natural stone alternatives.  This affects the options available when it comes to the sort of edges being used.  Most often, you would be recommended a squared or mitered edge (when two edges meet at a 45 degree angle, creating a 90 degree corner).  However, with a professional guiding you through the selection and installation process, you’ll be offered the perfect solution.

Need Help?

From Absolute Black to White Wave, Granite Prestige has all of the stone options you’ll need to create a Summer oasis at home.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the options, our team will be able to narrow down what has the most advantages for your setup.

With the help of our countertop edge visualizer, you’ll be able to envision how our countertops will improve your space.  Whether you’re focusing on your indoor kitchen or or your outdoor grilling area, you’ll want Granite Prestige’s professional advice.

There’s no time to lose- contact us today!  With our home delivery and quick installation, you will be able to enjoy beautiful stone countertops for every season, including this Summer.  Call us at (514) 331-8337 or at  To stay in the know of our latest news, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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