I recently wrote an article about The Most Popular Kitchen Countertops of 2022. In that post, I discuss 4 different types of countertops that have been gaining in popularity. This includes Granite, Quartz, Quartzite and Wood.

You put a lot of time, money and care into choosing the right countertops for you, your family and your home. After all of that work, it’s important to know how to safely clean your countertops!

An important note, before we begin, is to make it clear that the following is intended for countertops that have been sealed with a proper sealant. This should be done every two to four years.

In some cases, you may have to do it more frequently than this. If you notice that it’s becoming harder to wipe up spills, it’s a sign that it’s time to reapply your sealant.

The best way to keep your countertops clean, whether they’re marble or any other stone/material, is to try to avoid spills in the first place. However, we know that accidents and spills happen! Especially, if you have kids. Life shouldn’t be about being so scared of making a mess that you miss out on having fun, or making memories.

Okay, countertops have been sealed? You’re sure? Let’s begin.

Safely Clean Your Countertops
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To Safely Clean Your Countertops You’ll Need:

Non-Abrasive Sponge, or a Micro-fiber Cloth

Dish Soap


General Steps to Safely Clean Your Countertops

Step One: Remove all objects from counter. This includes appliances, knick-knacks etc.

Step Two: Using a dry, non-abrasive sponge or micro-fiber cloth, wipe the counters down, removing all crumbs and other debris.

Step Three: Add dish soap and warm water to the sponge/cloth. Do not put the soap directly onto the counter. Use the sponge to clean the entire counter, going in an “S” motion, from back to front.

Step Four: With proper air circulation, your counters should be able to air-dry.


  • Be sure to work on tougher spots (caused by foods like sticky jam etc.) with some elbow grease!
  • Over time, cleaning agents like Windex, bleach and even vinegar will wear down any sealant. This is why it is best to stick with a gentle dish soap.

Personally speaking, I love using products that have fresh scents. However…

When it comes to household cleaners, you have to be careful of what is used to give the product the scent. Many of the additives (that are put in solely for the scent of a product) can cause staining. This is why, I allow my household detergents and soaps to be more natural. I prefer to use other ways to have a fragrant home.

Imagine installing beautiful marble countertops and ruining them just by wanting to keep them clean! The thought alone turns my stomach.

If you think that dish soap isn’t good enough, think about how you trust it to clean your dishes. You use it without even thinking, right?

From dark sauces and dressings, to all other types of food- dish soap is great for heavy-duty jobs that need deep cleaning. For keeping your countertops clean, you can use something gentle and bleach-free if that eases your mind a bit. NY Mag put together a great list of the 8 Best Natural Dish Soaps if you’re interested in seeing their suggestions.

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